Photo Help - Photo Gift Pricing and Shipping 2.0

Photo Gift Pricing and Shipping 2.0

Published 03/19/2017 17:23 PM   |    Updated 03/19/2017 17:23 PM

NOTE: Separate pricing and shipping costs apply for Calendars and Prints. Prints are not part of Photo Gift promotions and sales.
Easel Art and Wall Art are part of Photo Gift promotions but are shipped and billed separately.

Shipping information is below the pricing chart. The pricing below does not include the cost of shipping.

Bags and Apparel

Deluxe Tote Bag$24.99
Deluxe T-Shirt$19.99
Reusable Shopping Bag$12.99
Tote Bag$14.99


11oz. Classic Mug$11.99
11oz. Colored Mug$13.99
11oz. Magic Mug$15.99
13oz. Commuter Mug$14.99
14oz. Travel Tumbler$19.99
15oz. Cafe Mug$14.99
16oz. Frosten Stein$19.99
16oz. Grande Mug w/Lid$19.99
20oz. Big Picture Mug$24.99

Holiday Ornaments

Beveled Glass Ornament$19.99
Elegant Ornament$19.99
Designer Ornament$14.99
Fancy Wood Ornament$14.99
Filigree Ornament$14.99
Flat Round Ornament$13.99
Horizontal Frame Ornament$19.99
Metal Snowflake Ornament$14.99
Porcelain Ball Ornament$17.99
Postcard Ornament$14.99
Round Glass Ornament$19.99
Scalloped Wood Ornament$14.99
Snowflake Ornament$12.99
Square Bracket Ornament$14.99
Square Glass Ornament$19.99
Wood Ornament$14.99
Vertical Frame Ornament$19.99

Home Accents

2x3 Magnet$4.99
4x4 Framed Magnet$6.99
4x6 Magnet$6.99
Fancy Metal Easel$19.99
Wall Clock$19.99

Office and School

Address Labels$7.99
Desktop Organizer$24.99
Dual Sided Keychain$14.99
Leather Keychain$14.99
Mouse Pad$9.99

Phone and Tablet Cases

Galaxy S4 Phone Case$29.99
Galaxy S5 Phone Case$29.99
Hard Cover iPad Case$49.99
iPhone 5/5s Phone Case$29.99
iPhone 5c Phone Case$29.99
iPhone 6 Phone Case$29.99
iPhone 6 Plus Phone Case$29.99
Note 3 Phone Case$29.99
Soft Sleeve iPad Case$29.99

Toys and Games

8x10 Puzzle$19.99
Golf Towel$19.99
Playing Cards$22.99
Puzzle w/Gift Tin$24.99
Teddy Bear$19.99

Shipping and Handling

QuantityStandard (USPS)2-Day (Expedited)Rush (Overnight)
1 gift$5.99 total$13.99 total$24.99 total
Ea. add'l giftadd $1.99add $3.99add $5.99
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