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Copyright Policy

Published 01/16/2018 15:55 PM   |    Updated 01/16/2018 15:55 PM

What does it mean to own the copyright to a photograph? "Copyright" means the legal right to make copies. It protects creative artists including, but not limited to, painters, musicians, writers and photographers. If you take pictures, it protects your rights too. It means no one can copy your photographs and sell them, or put them on other objects to sell, or use them online without your permission.

By uploading your photos to the Walgreens Photo Center, you have given us permission to legally use your images only to the prints and other photo products you (or others who share your albums) may order. We promise not to use your photos for any other purpose.

Copyright also means that if you paid a professional photographer to take pictures of you or your family, that photographer may own the copyright to those images. You own the prints, but it is your responsibility to ask the photographer for written permission before making additional copies, from either paper prints or digital files.

If we believe a photo order includes images that do not belong to the person ordering them, or that may have been taken by a professional photographer, we will not make prints or other products from them until we have written permission or other evidence confirming their ownership in our files. Please respect the rights of other photographers and make sure you have this permission before uploading and printing.

Download a copyright form before going to the store by following

*NOTE: To view or print out the copyright release form, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, please follow the link below:


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