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Calendar Pricing and Shipping

Published 12/22/2020 13:36 PM   |    Updated 12/22/2020 13:36 PM
Calendar Pricing and Shipping information is listed below.

Calendar Pricing

8.5x11 Classic Calendar-12 Months*$19.99
8.5x11 Classic Calendar-18 Months*$24.99
12x12 Wall Calendar-12 Months$24.99
12x12 Wall Calendar-18 Months$29.99
4x8 Desktop Calendar$9.99
11.5x14 Premium Calendar-12 Months$29.99
11.5x14 Premium Calendar-18 Months$34.99
9x12 Premium Wall Calendar$34.99

Calendar Shipping & Handling

QuantityEconomy   Standard (USPS)2-Day (Expedited)Overnight (Rush)
1 Calendar$5.99 total$9.99 total$13.99 total$24.99 total
Each add'l Calendaradd $1.99add $2.99add $3.99add $5.99

*8.5x11 Wall Calendars are available for What is Photo Same Day Pickup in Walgreens stores. Other calendar styles must be shipped.

Separate pricing and shipping costs apply for Calendar Collage Posters. Follow this link to view Posters and Banners Pricing and Shipping.
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