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Photo-Prohibited Content

Published 07/16/2020 10:29 AM   |    Updated 07/16/2020 10:29 AM

PHOTO.WALGREENS.COM allows Members to store, share and transmit communications, albums, image files, creative material, photographs, links and comments (collectively "Content"). Users of the Service, whether or not Members, may not use the Service to Process Prohibited Content. Generally, Prohibited Content includes Content or other material that Walgreens believes:

  • Is abusive, deceptive, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, offensive or otherwise inappropriate;
  • Comprises copyrighted material used without the express permission of the owner;
  • Violates or encroaches on the rights of others;
  • Contains viruses, worms, corrupt files, Trojan horses and other forms of corruptive code, or any other content which may compromise the Service;
  • Advocates illegal activity;
  • Harms anyone, including minors; or
  • Provides a link to any of the above.

Walgreens has the sole discretion to determine whether Content is Prohibited Content, and any Content submitted to the Service may be subject to examination from time to time. Although PHOTO.WALGREENS.COM and Walgreens do not and will not examine and review all Content submitted or transmitted to the Service, PHOTO.WALGREENS.COM and Walgreens may delete, move and edit materials for any reason, at any time, without notice.

Any Content discovered on the Site that is deemed in the sole discretion of PHOTO.WALGREENS.COM or Walgreens to be in violation of Title 18 of the United States Code, Sections 2251 et seq. may be reported and disclosed to appropriate law enforcement agencies.

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