Photo Help - Rearranging your photos within an album

Rearranging your photos within an album

Published 01/04/2017 14:58 PM   |    Updated 04/07/2017 15:03 PM
To rearrange the order of the images in an album, please follow the steps below.
  1. Open the album that you would like to edit.
  2. Click Rearrange.
  3. On the rearrange page, click the image you would like to move and drag it to the location you want it to appear in the album. Please note that you will see an orange line that will indication where the image is being moved to.
  4. Once you have the image in the location that you want it, release the mouse to drop the image to the new location.
  5. Once you have made all corrections, click Done to save your changes.
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