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Tag Favorites

Published 04/25/2017 16:07 PM   |    Updated 04/25/2017 16:07 PM
As you view the photos in your albums, you can tag individual photos as favorites.

To tag a photo as a favorite, simply navigate to that photo's individual photo view page. Then click the heart icon at the top right of the page. The photo will be added to an album titled Favorites in your photo library to make the image easily accessible. Please note that the image will also stay in the album that it was uploaded to.

When you tag a photo as a favorite, we place a copy of that photo in your Favorites album. Then, when you're ready to order a gift, create a calendar, or create a photo book, your favorites are easily accessible.

To view your favorites, go to your photo library and click on the My Albums drop down box, and click My Favorites. Your album will appear and you can click on that album to view the images that are located in that folder.

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