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Website System Requirements

Published 06/24/2016 15:38 PM   |    Updated 06/24/2016 15:38 PM

For to fully function as designed we currently suggest the below system requirements:

Windows-Based Personal Computers (PC):
Web Browser:
Internet Explorer (IE): 8.0 and above
Firefox: 28 and above
Chrome: 35 and above

Macintosh (Mac) Computers:
Web Browser:
Safari: 5.1 and above
Firefox: 28 and above

The following web browser settings must be enabled:
Acceptance of session Cookies:
So customers don’t have to log-in at every web page, etc.

Used to create a more interactive customer experience

Required only for Windows IE users

Mozilla Plug In:
Required only for Firefox users

Safari Plug In:
Required only for Macintosh Safari users

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