Photo Help - What are enlargements?

What are enlargements?

Published 07/26/2016 15:44 PM   |    Updated 07/26/2016 15:44 PM

Enlargements are defined as 5x7 prints and 8x10 prints.

For promotional purposes, enlargements are only considered to be these two sizes. Regular size prints, wallet prints, and posters are generally not included in enlargement promotions unless specifically stated. For reference you can use the chart below.

4x6 PrintsPrints
4x5.3 True Digital PrintsPrints
4x4 Square PrintsPrints
8x8 Square PrintsPrints
5x7 PrintsEnlargements
8x10 PrintsEnlargements
11x14 PosterPosters
12x18 PosterPosters
16x20 PosterPosters
20x30 PosterPosters
24x36 PosterPosters
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