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Your Photo Account Information

Published 01/02/2017 10:33 AM   |    Updated 04/06/2017 15:56 PM
Find all your photo information in one place by hovering over your name on the photo logged in home page. From here you can easily:  
  • See communications that have been sent to you from Walgreens
  • View and reorder from your order history
  • View and edit your personal information
  • View and edit your payment information
  • View any credits that are in your account
A note about your personal information:

Because you are a registered member of (and not just the Photo Center), your login and email information are stored in your main Walgreens account. When you choose to edit your password, email address or email subscriptions, you'll be taken to a page in your main Walgreens account.

Photo-specific information will be stored in your photo settings only.

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